Drop Off Service


 coin-laundry-prince-william  Drop Off Laundry Service:Too busy to get do your laundry?  Tired of wasting time sitting around in a Laundromat watching your clothes go ’round and ’round in a dryer?The solution is Schiller Park Super Laundry!  We offer the convenience and cost-effectiveness of simple wash, dry and folding services.These services are economically priced by the pound.$1.25 per pound next day service$1.50 per pound same day service  Click for more info  fire   Fire and Flood Restoration:When disaster has struck your home or your business, Schiller Park Super Laundry is one of the industry’s leading experts in flood and fire restoration. With over 50 years combined experience, no job is too large or too delicate. One of our professional team members will pick up your belongings, restore them to like-new condition, and will deliver them back to you in a timely fashion. For your convenience, you may choose to pay us directly or we can bill your insurance company.

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Try Are New Laundry Locker Drop Off Service

You can now drop off your laundry any time from 6:am to 9:30pm with are new laundry lockers.

Just place you dirty clothes in the locker, fill out drop off form we will call you with price then we will Wash, Dry, and fold your clothes and place them back in the locker so you are able to pick up anytime.

Lock Instruction

“Don’t Forget To Fill Out Your Order Form”

*A Red blinking light indicates a locker in use.

  1. To Lock your locker simply close the door when finished. Press

the “ZEPHYER” button and enter your 4 digit PIN. This Can be any combination of 4 numbers 1 – 9. After entering your PIN, Press the “ZEPHYER” button again. A Green LED will flash, your       Locker is now locked and secure.


  1. To open your locker press the “ZEPHYER” button and key in

The 4 Digit PIN you selected. Press the “ZEPHYER” button again

A GREEN LED will flash, and your locker will unlock.

** Please note, an Incorrect PIN, input beyond 5 digits or 5 failed PIN attempts will cause the lock to shut “OFF” for 1 minute. You will have to Press The “ZEPHYER” button and try again.